Yucca angustissima Engelmann ex Trelease ssp.angustissima

Mo. Bot. Gard. Ann. Rep. 13: 58.1902.

Narrow-leaved Yucca

Type: BIGELOW 1854, deserts of the Colorado River area, apparently from near the San Francisco Mts., near Picacho, Mohave Co., Arizona, (M 148375, M 148376).

Other representative material studied.

Arizona:fh 1178.40, Holbrook, Arizona, 1,600m;
fh 1178.44, Peach Springs, Arizona, 1,700m;
fh 1179.10, Peach Springs Area, 1,520m;
fh 1179.11, Blue Mts., 1,890m;
fh 1179.12, Cane Beds, 1,500 m;
fh 1179.13, Antelope Valley, 1,500 m;
fh 1179.14, near Pipe Springs, 1,540 m;
fh 1179.47, Mt. Trumbull, 1,36 m.
New Mexico:fh 1179.46 Mesa Gigante, 1,850 m

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca angustissima

1.Capsules small, 3.5-5 cm long, deeply constricted, inflorescence 0.5-1.5 (1.5) m high2
Capsules large, 4.5-7.5 cm long, somewhat constricted, inflorescence to over 2 m tall3
2.Flowers 4.5-5.5 cm long, leaves 25-45cm long, style 10-13mm long, sw. Utah, n. Arizona, w. New Mexicossp. angustissima
Flowers 3.5-4.5 cm long, leaves 40-60 cm long, style 7-10 mm long, central Utahssp. avia
3.Flowers 3-4.5 cm long, leaves 25-60 cm long, style 4-10 mm long, inflorescence 1.5-4 m long, sandstone areas and mesa, Lake Powell region, east of the Abajo Mountains, San Juan Co., Kane Co., Garfield Co., Utahssp. toftiae
Flowers 5.5-6.5 cm long, leaves 45-75 cm long, style 5-5 mm long, inflorescence 1.5-3 m long, sandy terrain, Kane Co. and Washington Co., Utah, north Coconino Co. and Mohave Co., Arizonassp. kanabensis

Yucca angustissima

Yucca angustissima, fh 1179.12, Cane Beds, AZ, 1,520m, with old inflorescence