Yucca arkansana Trelease ssp. arkansana

Arkansas Yucca.

Mo. Bot. Gard. Ann. Rep. 13: 63.1902.


Yucca angostifolia var. mollis Engelmann. - Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis, 3: 51.1873.
Yucca glauca mollis Branner & Coville. - Ann. Rept. Geol. Surv. Arkansas for 1888, 4: 224.

Lectotype: (chosen by MCKELVEY) ENGELMANN 182 from near Little Rock, Arkansas (MO).

Other representative material studied.

Oklahoma:fh 605.5, Beckam Co., 500m;
Texas:fh1179.48, Ady, 1,060m;
fh 1180.50, Hondo, 300m;
fh 1180.52, Cherry Spring, 600m;
fh 1180.98, Amarillo Area, 1,000 m,
fh 1180.99, Denton Creek, 750m;
Arkansasfh 1180.51, Blevins, 700 m; in the collection of Horst Küzler, New Mexico.

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca arkansana

1.Acaulescent, panicles with few branches towards the base, leaves thickened, pistil green, inflorescence usually to 1m long, leaves 1-2cm wide, grows on stony hills and inclinesssp. arkansana
Panicles with many branches2
2.Inflorescence 1 - 2.5 m long, leaves 2-3 cm wide, growing in sandy terrainssp.louisianensis
Inflorescence 1 - 1.8m long, leaves 1-4cm widessp.freemanii

Yucca arkansana ssp. arkansana

Yucca arkansana, fh 1180.98, May 1999, Amarillo area, TX., 1000m,
in flower at the end of May