Yucca baccataTorrey ssp.baccata

DatiI Yucca, Banana Yucca.

In Emory. U. S. and Mex. Bound. Bot. 221.1859.

Type: Bigelow S. fl. 24, Sept. 1853, cedar Woods, Guadelupe co., NM, No.35875 (NY)

Other representative material studied.

California:fh 1178.22, Oro Grande, 600m,
fh 1178.23, Clark Mts., 1,200m.
Arizona:fh 1178.34, Fredonia area, 1,500m,
fh 1180.11, Dolan Springs, 900m,
fh 1182.33, Kaibab Plateau, 2,100m,
fh 1182.37, Grand Canyon, South Rim, 2,100m,
fh 1182.38, fh 1182.39, Grand Canyon, North Rim, 2,000m,
fh 1182,40, Inner Grand Canyon North, 1,700m,
fh 1182.41, Inner Grand Canyon, Havasupai Indian Reservation, 1,400m,
fh 1182.42, Inner Grand Canyon, Granite Gorge, 1,600m,
fh 1182.38, Flagstaff, 2,200m,
fh 1182.62, Mogollon Plateau,
fh 1183.53, Hualapai Reservation,
fh 1183.63, House Rock Valley, 1,800m.
Nevada: fh 1182.34, Panaca Summit, 2,000m,
Utah:fh 1180.30, Moab, 1,400m,
fh 1178.32, La Sal Mts., 1,800m,
fh 1178.57, St. George, 900m,
fh 1182.35, Cedar City, 1,800m,
fh 1182.36, White Canyon, 2,000m,
fh 1183.64, Fry Canyon, 1,800m.
New Mexico:fh 1182.23, Navajo Lake, 1,800m,
fh 1182.45, Raton, 2,100m,
fh 1182.46, Sandia Mts. 2,200m,
fh 1182.47, Santa Fé Canyon, 2,400m,
fh 1182.48, Sacramento Mts., 1,600m,
fh 1182.49, Jemez Pueblo, 1,700m.
Colorado:fh 1182.50, Dolores, 2,200m,
fh 1182.51, Naturita, 1,600m,
fh 1182.52, Durango, 2,000 m.
Texas:fh 1182.43, Van Horn area, 1,400m,
fh 1182.44, Sandersen.
Mexico:fh 0333, Chihuahua, 1,400m.

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca baccata.

Group forming, inflorescence paniculate, leaves with marginal fibres, fruit fleshy.
1.Leaves smooth, inflorescence over 1 mssp.thornberi
Leaves rough, inflorescence below 1 m2
2.Forming loose groups, inflorescence 60-80 cmssp.baccata
Forming dense groups, inflorescence 30-60 cmssp.vespertina

Yucca baccata ssp.baccata

Yucca baccata ssp.baccata, fh 1182.7. Growing on the Grand Canyon rim, in 2,100m altitude

Yucca baccata ssp.baccata

Yucca baccata ssp.baccata, fh1183.64, Fry Canyon, UT, 1,800m.
Short panicle with correspondingly large flowers.