Yucca baileyi Wooton & Stanley ssp.baileyi

Contr. U. S. Nati. Herb. 16:114.1913.

Alpine Yucca


Yucca navajoa Webber. - Madroño 8:105.1945.
Yucca baileyi var. navajoa Webber. - Agric. Monogr. U.S.D.A. 17: 51.1953.
Yucca standleyi MeKelvey. - Yuccas SW. U.S. 2: 108. 1947.

Type: STANDLEY 7638, Tunitcha Mts., San Juan Co., New Mexico, 8 August 1911 (U.S. No. 686602).

Other representative material studied.

Arizona:fh 1206, Navajo Co., 1,600m;
fh 1179.22, Ganado, 1,800m;
fh 1179.23, Navajo, 1,700m;
fh 1179.24, Kaibito, 1,800m;
fh 1179.40, Tee Nos Pos, 1,540m;
fh 1179.41, Round Rock, 1,820m
Colorado:fh 1179.21, Ute Mtn. 1,500m
Wyoming:fh 1178.9, Laramie Co., 2,000m
New Mexico:fh 1207, Sheep Springs, 1,700m

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca baileyi

1.Acaulescent, leaves plano-convex, flexible, flowers beginning amongst the leaves, capsules to 6 cm long
2.Flowering only as adults, leaves strongly filiferous, capsules to 5 cm longssp.baileyi
Capable of flowering in the juvenile phase, leaves hardly filiferous, capsules to 6 cm longssp.intermedia

Yucca baileyi ssp.baileyi

Yucca baileyi, fh 1207, Sheep Springs, New Mexico, 1,700m,
the inflorescence starts near the leaves