Yucca baileyi Wooton & Stanley ssp.intermedia (McKelvey) Hochstätter

Cactaceae-Review 1 (2): 21.1998.

Intermediate Yucca

Basionym: Yucca intermedia McKelvey Yuccas SW. U. S. 2: 116-121.1947.


Yucca baiIeyi Wooton & Standley var. intermedia (MeKelvey) Reveal. - Intermountain Flora, Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West: 532.1977
Yucca intermedia McKelvey var. ramosa McKelvey. - Yuccas SW. U. S. 2: 116.1947.

Type: MCKELVEY 4902, just west of the Pecos River, San Miguel Co., New Mexico, 4 June 1934.

Other representative material studied.

New Mexico:fh 1208, Taos area, 2,000m;
fh 1209, fh 1210, fh 1179.25, Albuquerque area, 1,900m;
fh 1178.83, Albuquerque, 1,600m;
fh 1179.42, Ute Creek, 1,200m;
fh 1179.43, Pecos River, 1,500m;
fh 1180.78, Santa Rosa, 1,200m;
Texas: fh 1180.79, near Pueblo Ruins, 1,100m.

Yucca baileyi ssp.intermedia

Yucca baileyi ssp.intermedia, fh 1208, Taos area, New Mexico, 2,000m,
near the Rio Grande River