Yucca carnerosana (Trelease) McKelvey

Carneros Giant Yucca, Giant-Dagger, Palm Barreta, Palm Samandoca.

Yuccas of the Southwest. U. S.1: 24. 1938.


Yucca australis Trelease. Mo. Bot. Gard. Ann. Rpt. 4:190.1893. (Only Pringle Material).
Not Yucca australis (Engelmann) Trelease. 1902.
Samuela carnerosana Trelease. Mo. Bot. Gard. Ann. Rpt. 13:118.1 902.

Type: Limestone hills, Carneros Pass, Carneros, NE Mexico, C. G. Pringle 3912, May 11,1891 (MO 135656, 135657, 140116 Syntypes). (McKelvey defined the syntypes with reference to the protologue of Trelease's original description).

Other representative material studied.

Texas: fh 1179.26, Black Gap, 750 m,
fh 1179.27, Ft. Stockton, 900 m,
fh 1179.44, Santiago Mts., 900 m,
fh 1179.45, Five Mtn. area, 1,250 m.
Mexico: fh 0428, Zacatecas, 2,000 m,
fh 0429, Guadalcázar, 1,600 m.
fh 0429.1, San Luis Potosi

Yucca carnerosana

Yucca carnerosana, fh 0429.1, with Agave spec.
San Luis Potosi, MEX