Yucca constricta Buckley

Proc. Phil. Acad. Sci. 1862: 8: 1863.

(Not Yucca constricta sensu Trelease.

Buckley Yucca


Yucca tenuistyla Trelease. - Mo. Bot. Gard. Rep. 13: 53.1902 (in part as to description and as to LINDHEIMER, Galveston, lsland );
Yucca louisianensis Trelease - Mo. Bot. Gard. Rep. 13: 64.1902 (in part as to the plants with the pale, elongated style, and as to some of TRELEASE's Hughes and Hughes Spring collections).

Type: Western Texas, June, 1861, J. G. BECKLEY, without precise locality (Elias Durand Herbarium).

Other representative material studied.

Texas:fh 1179.28, Odessa, 680m;
fh 1179.80, near Woods Hollow Mts., 1,270m;
fh 1179.81, Pedenales River, 635m;
fh 1180.3, Nueces River, 280m;
fh 1180.54, near Del Rio, 400m;
fh 1180.55, Seminole Canyon, 435m;
fh 1180.56, Pecos River, 400m;
fh 1180.66, Dryden, 525m;
fh 1180.67, Sandersen, 870 m;
fh 1180.68, Marathon, 1,230m.

Yucca constricta

Yucca constricta, fh 1180.67, Sandersen, Texas, 870m, tall stem 0.8m high.