Yucca glauca Nuttall ssp. glauca

Great Plains Yucca.

In Fraser: Catalogue of New and Interesting Plants, Fraser's Nursery, No.89, 1813. Reprinted in Pittonia 2:119.1890.

Nutall's Type: 1,600 miles up the Missouri River about. lat. 49. Nuttall herbarium, later deposited in the British Museum, London, GB. The type now appears to have been lost so a neo type has been deposited in SRP under field number th 1178.69, Montana, Lewiston, 1,250m.

Other representative material studied.

South Dakota:fh 1178.60, Belle Fourche,
fh 1178.61, Rapid City, 1,100m;
fh 1178.62, Cheyenne River 945m;
fh 1178.63, Lame Jony Creek,
fh 1178.91, Black Hills,
fh 1178.94, St. Onge Peak,
fh 1178.95, Bushnell,
fh 1178.97, Indian Creek Belle,
North Dakota:fh 1178.64, Sentinel Butte, 920m;
Montana:fh 1178.65, Forsyth, 915 m;
fh 1178.66, Roundup, 1,150m;
fh 1178.67, Butte Creek Road,
fh 1178.68, Yellowstone River,
fh 1178.69, Lewiston, 1,250m;
fh 1178.84, Indian Hill, 1,200m;
fh 1178.85, Little Snowy Mts.,
fh 1178.93, Lake Mason, 1,120m;
fh 1178.96, N. Willow Creek,
fh 1178.99, Bull Mts., 1,000m;
fh 1179.34, Marias River, 1,050m;
Nebraska,fh 1178.70, Indian Creek Road,
fh 1178.71, Scottsbluff, 1,300m;
fh 1178.72, Wayside, 1,120m;
fh 1178.73, Dead Horse Creek,
Colorado,fh 1178.86, 2,035m.

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca glauca

1.More or less acaulescent, leaves piano-convex, rigid, flowers beginning amongst the leaves, capsules to 10 cm long, seeds over 1.2 cm longssp.glauca
Seeds less than 1 cm long2
2.Leaves to 75 cm long, capsules to 7.5 cm longssp.stricta
Leaves to 40 cm long, capsules to 6 cm longssp.albertana

Yucca glauca

Yucca glauca, in the Hochstätter garden in Germany (Central Europe).