Yucca brevifolia Engelmann ssp.jaegeriana (McKelvey) Hochstätter

Pygmae Yucca

Succulenta. 80 (6): 262-268. 2001.

Basionym: Yucca brevifolia Engelmann var. jaegeriana McKelvey. Journ. Arnold Arboretum. 16: 269.1935.


Yucca brevifolia Engelmann var. wolfei Jones. West. Bot. Contr. 18: 25.1935.

Type: McKelvey, 2732, vicinity of the Shadow Mountains, San Bernardino Co., California, 1,500 m, April 30, 1932. (A).

Other representative material studied.

California:fh 1178.26, Mts. Pass, 1,400m,
fh 1182.76, Shadow Mts., 1,200m,
fh 1182.77, New York Mts., 1,300m.
Nevada: fh 1178.27, Mc Cullough Range,
fh 1182.80, Sand Spring, 1,700m,
fh 1182.98, Chief Range, 1,600m,
fh 1183.78, Nevada Test Site, 1,800m.

Yucca brevifolia ssp.jaegeriana
Yucca brevifolia ssp.jaegeriana, fh 1182.80, Sand Spring, NV, 1,700m.
Some while after flowering, the old flower spikes are still visible.