Yucca arkansana Trelease ssp. louisianensis Hochstätter

Grass Yucca, Louisiana Yucca.

Kaktusblüte 16: 25-31.1999.

Basionym: Yucca louisianensis Trelease. - Mo. Bot. Gard. Rep. 13: 64. 1902 (in part as to Ball 558 and p.34 fig.2).


Yucca arkansana var. paniculata MeKelvey. - Yuccas SW. U. S. 2:156-160.1947.

Type: BALL 558, collected in the vicinity of Alexandria, Arkansas, 6 June 1899. (MO 148578).

Other representative material studied.

Arkansas:fh 1180.4, Bluff City Region, 50 m (deposited in SRP in November 1998);
Texas:fh 1180.53, Colorado River, Bastrop Co., 400m;
Louisiana:fh 1180.65 Kisatchie National Forest, 60m, in collection of H. Künzler, New Mexico.

Yucca arkansana ssp. louisianensis

Yucca arkansana ssp. louisianensis, fh 1180.65, Kisatchie National Forest, LOU., 60m
The typical 'Grass Yucca'