Yucca schottii Engelmann

Schott's Yucca, Mountain Yucca or Hoary Yucca.

Trans. Acad. Sd. St. Louis. 3: 46.1 873.


Yucca puberula Torrey. Botany Emory Report. 221 1859 pro parte.
Yucca macrocarpa Engelmann. Bot. Gaz. 6: 224.1 881.

Lectotype: (selected by MCKELVEY): SCHOFF, flowers and fruits from the Sierras west of Santa cruz co., Arizona, July 1855. M 135693.

Other representative material studied.

Arizona:fh 1179.54, Sonoita, 1,500 m,
fh 1182.27, Gila Mts., 1,000 m,
fh 1183.70, Patagonia, 1,200 m.
fh 1184.47, west of Nogales, Pajarito Mts., 1,300m
New Mexico:fh 1833.33, coyote Peak, 1,350 m,
fh 1183.34, Animas Valley, 1,600 m,
fh 1183.62, cloverdale area, 1,500 m.
Mexicofh 0332, chihuahua area.

Yucca schottii

Yucca schottii fh 1184.47
West of Nogales, Pajarito Mts., Arizona, 1,300m
Growing in a loosely wooded area