Yucca thompsoniana Trelease

Trans Pecos Yucca

Mo. Bot. Gard. Ann. Rep. 22: 101, excl. BIGELOW'S Los Moros and San Elizario collections, 1911.


Yucca rupicola var. rigida Fngelmann. Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis, 3: 49. 1873 (in part as to Bigelow's Bufatello collection).
Yucca rostrata Fngelmann ex Trelease. Mo. Bot. Gard. Rep. 13: 68. 1902 (in part as to Bigelow's Bufatello collection).

Type: J.M.BIGELOW s.n., 10 August 1852, Bufatello, near Presidio del Norte, Rio Grande, Chihuahua, Mexico. New York Botanical Garden (M 148777).

Other representative material studied.

Texas:th 1179.55, Marvilles Creek, 900 m,
fh 1179.56, Ft. Stockton, 760 m,
fh 1179.95, Pena Colorado, 830 m,
fh 1180.1, Amistad Reservoir, 650 m,
fh 1180.5, Sandersen, 1,140 m,
fh 1180.6, Langtry, 410 m.

Yucca thompsoniana

Yucca thompsoniana, fh 1179.55, Marvilles Creek, TX
symmetrical plant, flowering starting above the leaves