Yucca baccata ssp.thornberi (McKelvey) Hochstätter


Succulenta. 80 (4): 1 66-1 73. 2001.

Basionym: Yucca thornberi McKelvey. Journal Arnold Arboretum. 16: 268.1935.

Type: McKelvey 1627, Arizona. Pima Co.; foothills of the Rincon Mts., slightly north of Rincon Creek, a tributary of Pantano Wash, elevation 3600 ft., March 23, 1930. (A).

Other representative material studied.

Arizona: fh 1178.82, Nogales,
fh 1180.25, Oracle, 1,400m,
fh 1180.41, Santa Catalina Mts., 1,350m,
fh 1183.3, Rincon Mts., 1,000m,
fh 1183.68, Agua Verde Creek.

Yucca baccata ssp.thornberi

Yucca baccata ssp.thornberi, fh 1180.25, Oracle, AZ, 1,400m. Growing among dense vegetation