Yucca whipplei Torrey ssp.whipplei

In Emory: U.S. and Mex. Bound. Bot. 222.1859.

Our-Lord's-Candle, chaparral yucca, quixote yucca


Yucca californica Groenland nom. inval. - Rev. Hort. (Paris): 434 (Aug. 16) 1858.
Yucca graminifolia Wood. - Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. Proc. 1868:167.1868.
Yucca ortgesiana Roezl ex Ortgies. - Gartenflora. 20:1 10.1871.
Hesperoyucca whipplei Baker. - Kew Royal Bot. Gard. Bul. Misc. Inform. 5: 8.1892.
Yucca whipplei var. parishii Jones. - West. Bot. Contrib. 15: 59.1929.
Yucca whipplei ssp. typica Haines. - Madroño 41(6): 43.1941.
Yucca whipplei ssp. parishii (Jones) Haines. - Madroño 41(6): 44.1941.

Type: Type: San Pasqual, San Diego Co., Calif., SCHOTT, Torrey Herbarium, N.Y. Bot. Gard.

Other representative material studied.

California:fh 1177, San Bernardino Co., 1,200 m;
fh 1178.18, Alpine, 600 m;
fh 1178.19, San Diego River, 450 m;
fh 1178.20, Cuyamaca Lake, 500 m;
fh 1178.21, San Diego, 400 m;
fh 1180.20, Pinon,
fh 1180.82, Oak Hill Road, 1,250 m;
fh 1180.89, 1,520 m; Phelan,
fh 1180.90, Angeles National Forest, 1,900 m;
fh 1180.91, Angeles National Forest, 2,300 m;
AM 99/2203, Crestline Region,
AM 99/3901, Pacillo Mts., 2,000 m.

Key to the Subspecies of Yucca whipplei

1.Plants solitary, monocarpic. dying after fruiting2
Plants forming groups, not monocarpic3
2.Spreading rosettes, in the juvenile stage the old, dry leaves are very persistentssp.whipplei
Compact rosettes, in the juvenile stage the old, dry leaves persist for a short time, endemic ssp.newberryi
3.New secondary rosettes formed from the hase of the moribund rosettes post flowering4
New rosettes not arising from dying rosettes5
4.Leaves narrow and flexiblessp.intermedia
Broad, stiff sword-like leaves, endemicssp.eremica
5.Secondary rosettes from the leaf axils, several inflorescences produced during Spring, forming dense cushions of over 100 rosettesssp.caespitosa
Secondary rosettes from rhizomes, one inflorescence produced during Spring, forming large, open scattered matsssp.percursa

Yucca whipplei

Yucca whipplei, fh 1178.20, Cuyamaka Lake, CAL., 500m in bloom.

Yucca whipplei

Yucca whipplei, with inflorescence just forming between the leaves.